KBC 12: Subhash Vishnu, had to return home empty handed with wrong answers to 5000 questions

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  • Latest version:October 20, 2020, 2:22 pm IST

Mumbai The most popular television show Kaun Banega is a millionaire, fulfilling the dreams of millions of people every year with the power of their knowledge. The contestants who came so far took at least Rs. The game started very well with Subhash, but Subhash got stuck on only 5000 questions in the show. Used the life line but still sits with the wrong answer.

At the beginning of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati 12’, Subhash Vishnu of Gajrula answered the fastest finger first and placed it in the hot seat. Subhash got out of the game with a wrong answer to the fourth question i.e. one question from the first stop.

The question was, what is the size of the stop sign in the context of road traffic signs? He used 50-50 lifelines to answer the question. There are two options left, ‘Octagon’ and ‘Oval’. Subhash asked Amitabh Bachchan to lock the ‘Oval’. It was clear that Subhash’s answer had no idea, while the correct answer was ‘octagon’.

Subhash Vishnu was a front line employee of Corona. Talking to Big Wedding on the show, he said that his job as a railway employee is to see if the situation is under control. Subhash Vishnaiya’s departure once again leads to the fastest finger scholarship. In this round, Swarupa Deshpande won and sat in the hot seat. He performed a great game fast and left the game to win 1 lakh thousand thousand rupees.

If you want to play KBC 12 Play separately while sitting at home, you should know some things like download and install the Sunlive app on your phone to play Play Alone. Next, open the Sony Live app and then tap on the Play Allow option on the homepage. In the 10th episode of KBC 12, the question will appear on the screen of your mobile as soon as it appears on your TV set.

You need to select the correct answer within the allotted time and tap the submit button, saying that points will be found for each correct answer. Register in the app and update the profile, then you will see two options Play Allow Gold or Play Play regularly, choose one of these options. Remember to read the terms and conditions carefully before playing the game.


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