KBC 12: Nazia Nasim reacts like this, the first millionaire of the season

New Delhi: Kaun Banega is the first millionaire to get the twelfth season of a millionaire. In Wednesday’s episode, the rollover in the hot seat on Tuesday was contestant Nazia Nasim. Nazia played with her knowledge a lot and at great speed she crossed the first two stops. Nazia immediately reached the 15th question. The Delhi contestants were very excited during the entire game on the show.

Nazia shared KBC’s experience
Nazia expressed her happiness, saying, ‘My experience with KBC is absolutely amazing. A lot of people came to KBC and that was my dream. To me it was a long dream. I always wanted to take part in KBC. I have been trying for many years. This season I got a chance and as the mother of a ten year old boy I became part of the show. It is very special to meet Amitabh Bachchan in person. It is very special for me to be the first millionaire this season. I feel this feeling completely.

KBC wants for the common man
Nazia added, ‘I have earned more than money. KBC is a wish for every common man. When this wish comes true, a big change comes in life. With the winning amount, I will invest some money in the treatment needs of my parents and in-laws. With this amount, I will enhance my son’s future. Through this I will be coaching him at the international level. I will donate some amount.

Nazia is a feminist
Calling herself a feminist, Nazia said, “I believe that boys should be able to do as much as they need to. This pricing system should start from our home. Changing the world is not just about women about the world will not change if men do not come together. I call myself a feminist. Most people understand that while they are feminists they are anti-masculine, but this is not the case at all. A feminist can also be a man. You know that it is always said that daughters should be raised like sons. Now, of course, change is needed. We have to raise our son like our daughter.

Nazia studied at IIMC
Let me tell you, Nazia is a group manager and her office is located in Gurugram. Nazia said on the show that she lives in Delhi, but is originally from the Doranda Parsatoli area of ​​Ranchi district in Jharkhand. Her husband is Shakil who runs an advertising agency. He is a resident of Villai, Chhattisgarh. In addition to Nazia’s husband, she has a ten-year-old son in her family. Nazia’s early education and writing took place in Ranchi. He then took a course in mass communication from IIMC, Delhi.

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