KBC 12: Mohit Sharma is stuck with 80 million questions, can you answer it?

New Delhi In the popular TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati, everyone brings the dream of becoming a millionaire. However, very few people succeed. Very few competitors have reached the final question. Recently a contestant reached this stage, but he could not overcome it. That person is IPS officer Mohita Sharma.

I tell you that Mohita is a 2017 batch IPS officer who is currently posted in Jammu and Kashmir. She is married to Indian Forest Service Officer Rushal Garg.

The second contestant to win one crore
Mohita is the second contestant of the twelfth season to win Rs 1 crore. The game he questioned was worth Rs 7 crore. Of course, the 7th question was difficult. Will you be able to answer this?

The question was – which of these ships built by the Wadia Group in Bombay was launched in 1817, which is the oldest warship in Britain.
The option is-
A. HMS Minden,
C HMS Cornwallis,
C HMS Trincomalee,
The correct answer to this question is Option C i.e. HMS Trincomalee.

The decision of the game quiz was correct
Mohita was confused by the answer. He thought it was appropriate to quiz the game for Rs 1 crore. Even if he answered, he would have been proved wrong, because after choosing Amitabh, he chose Option B and made the right decision to leave the game.
Amitabh Bachchan was fascinated by Mohita’s knowledge, thought and drama.

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