KBC 12 Live: Becoming a Millionaire, Dreamy could not answer this question about INC

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On KBC 12 Live, Swapnil came to the hot seat in Maharashtra in front of Amitabh Bachchan. At the same time, he also shared his struggle story while playing a great game.

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Mumbai Today’s episode of KBC 12 Live started with Swapnil of Maharashtra. Swapnil il came to the hot seat after winning the first round of the fastest finger on Wednesday. On Tuesday, Swapnil won Rs 10,000 with correct answers to 5 questions. Today, he started the game with the 6th question. The show showed how his good business came to a standstill during the lockdown and he could not even pay his employees. At the same time, Swapnil is hoping that he will be able to stand once from the amount of wins at KBC.

Show I went to Swapnil after winning Rs 25 lakh. At the same time, Amitabh Bachchan also told him that you are only a few steps behind becoming a millionaire. After 50 lakhs, there was the question of 1 crore and then the jackpot. At the same time, Swapnil was asked a question about INC for Rs 50 lakh but he was not sure about it, so he decided to quit the game.

The questions asked in the dream are-
According to one of the statues, which of these creatures means to shed tears, mourn or express sympathy?

If you watch Novak Djokovic play against Andy Murray in an international tournament, which game are you watching?

What are Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats?

Which of these days is celebrated on Maharashtra Day in India?
Labor Day

What was the name of this wild character in the book ‘The Jungle Book’ written by Rudyard Kipling? Swapnil was shown a picture with this question.
Sher Khan
Hooter survived the question, and the question began on Thursday.

Which Hindi film director is seen in this video? An interview clip of this question was shown.
The correct answer to this question is Imtiaz Ali
In the video clip, this politician took additional responsibility of which new ministry in Modi’s cabinet in 2019? A video of Nitin Gadkari’s interview on this question was shown
The correct answer to this question is the Ministry of MSMEs
Hingsong, a Chinese traveler who came to India during Harsh’s reign, studied at which of these universities?
Swapnil got stuck on this question and the video call used a friend’s life line. Even after that he got into some trouble and again used 50-50 lifeline and gave the correct answer – Nalanda
According to Hindu mythology, which of these people is known as Amravati?
The correct answer to this question – Indralok
Which Urdu poet are you listening to in this audio clip? An audio was heard near Swapnil
The correct answer to this question – Rahat Indori
Indo-American Business Executive Upper Wind Krishna became the CEO of which American multinational technology company in 2020?
Swapnil stuck to this question and used the flip of the question line. Earlier, Amitabh Bachchan had given the correct answer to this question – IBM
At the same time, the question that came after Life Line was – in which stadium did Sachin Tendulkar score his 100th international century?
The correct answer to this question – Sher-e-Bangla Stadium, Dhaka
Kalbangadi Landa Kasam and Chaori cannons are in which fort in Maharashtra?
The correct answer to this question – Murud Janjira
Who is the only person to receive Booker Prize and two Oscars?
Dreamy stuck to this question and ask the expert his last life line. Then he got the right answer – Ruth Pravar hababbala
Which future President of the Indian Chamber of Commerce became the President of the Indian National Congress in 1901?
He left the dreamy game and won Rs 25 lakh. Earlier, Amitabh Bachchan had answered this question – Dinsha Edalji deal


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