KBC 12: Can IHF officer’s wife Photo Kumar answer the question of Rs 1 crore?

New Delhi A huge number of people are watching ‘KBC 12’. In the next episode of ‘KBC’ i.e. October 28, contestant Chitra Kumar will be seen answering 1 crore questions.

Amitabh is very impressed with the picture
Amitabh Bachchan is very impressed with the film. Chitra’s husband is a Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force.
During the show, the picture shows, ‘A soldier’s morale is also his wife’s.’ The figure in the show represents all women in such a way that their husbands fight for the protection and dignity of the nation and can even sacrifice their lives for it.

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During the show, she was seen saying that when a woman marries a soldier, she is involved in her husband’s motives and actions. She was seen saying in a video that her husband’s job is to serve the nation and my responsibility is to support him.

A promotion of this episode has also been going on on social media for the last few days. The video is divided into a caption that reads, ‘Watch our hotseat contestant Chitra Kumar on #KBC12 on October 28 at 9pm. Register

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