KBC 12: 7 crore Anup Das knew the right answer, but don’t give up

New Delhi: The twelfth season of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ had a lot of fun. This year the show has got not one, but three millionaires, three women. It is clear that KBC has been dominated by women this year. Let me tell you, now the show is coming to an end and in the final stage the show also got a third millionaire. It is noteworthy that Anup Das, who reached the 7 million jackpot question, knew the correct answer, yet he remained silent.

Anupa Das He has returned to the country after winning one crore rupees. He will treat his mother who is in the third stage of cancer. Amitabh Bachchan was also impressed by the enthusiasm of Anup Das. If Anupa had answered 70 million questions correctly, she could have been the first contestant of the season, but that did not happen. Questions asked by Anupa Das-

One crore rupees wanted question
Who was awarded Parambir Chakra for his bravery on 18 November 1962 at Rejong Lat in Ladakh?

A. Major Dhan Singh Thapa
B. Lt. Col. Ardeshi’s Tarapur
C. Subedar Joginder Singh
D. Major Shaitan Singh
Answer: Major Shaitan Singh was

In answer to this question, Anupa Das got a bit stuck, but he gave the correct answer using the life line. He was then asked for seven crore rupees.

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Which team represented Riaz Poonawala and Shawkat Shopwala in ODI cricket?
A. Kenya
B. United Arab Emirates
C. Canada
D. Iran
Answer: United Arab Emirates

Anupa Das knew the correct answer to this question. He made a precise guess but all life lines are over. Anupa had some doubts, which made her think it was right to leave the show. According to the format of the ceremony, when he was asked to choose the correct answer, he looked to the right.

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Earlier, I would like to inform you that Nazia Nasima and female IPS officer Mohita Sharma won one crore rupees. Kaun Banega Millionaire is a few days away from the end of the show. It remains to be seen whether anyone can win Rs 7 crore.


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