Katrina praises the entire star cast of ‘Alley Boy’, writes on social media

Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt’s recently released film ‘Galli Boy’ has caused a stir at the box office. Viewers of this film never tire of appreciating it. The film has also crossed the 100 crore magic mark in 6 days. Now Katrina Kaif has also joined those who have praised the film.

Katrina did it Street boy Praise

Katrina Kaif is seen with Ranbir Singh and Alia Bhatt’s ‘Alley Boy’ Hall. After seeing the picture, Katrina wrote a post from her social media account and said, ‘My dear friend Zoya, your time has come. You always create new dimensions through your movies and you do the same thing this time. Ranveer Singh Your acting is great. You made this picture with all your heart and it will appear on the screen. Whenever you come on screen, Alia flashes in the audience’s face. The performance of the policy is great, which you will never forget. The entire Starcast of the film has done a great job.


Alia replied to Katrina

Alia Bhatt also shared a post from her social media account after commenting on Katrina Kaif, in which she wrote, ‘Katrina Kaif you are the best’.



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