Karnataka’s Tumkur district court orders to label farmers as terrorists, file FIR against Kangana Ranaut

7 days ago

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Kangana’s troubles are not diminishing. For some time there was a tweet against the opponents of Kangana Krishna Act who got strict opinion on every issue. An FIR was then lodged against the farmers for calling them terrorists. Now another FIR has been lodged against him in Karnataka.

Police on Monday registered an FIR against Kangana following a court order in Tumkur district of Karnataka.

The court has given this order

Advocate L. Judicial Magistrate First Class asked the inspector of Kiathsandra police station to register an FIR against Kangana based on Ramesh Naik’s allegations. The court said the complainant had filed an application under Section 155 (3) of the CRPC and demanded an inquiry.

Advocate Naik is also included in Kiaathsandra. Naik said about the criminal case against Kangana, the court had directed the police station days ago to register an FIR against the actress and start an investigation.

The case caught fire in this way

After the Agriculture Act was passed in Parliament, Kangana wrote on her Twitter handle on September 21 that the people who spread misinformation and rumors in the CAA, which led to violence, are now spreading false information in the anti-farmer bill, there is fear in the nation. They are terrorists. Naik said the tweet on behalf of the donors hurt him, forcing him to sue Kangana Ranaut.

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