Karmabir Anuradha Bhonsle came to KBC 12, Amitabh Bachchan was moved to tears after hearing the story of the orphan girl.

Mumbai Karma Veer Anuradha Bhonsle appeared in a special episode of Karmaveer on KBC 12 today. At the same time, KBC Marathi host and well-known filmmaker Nagraj Manjule came to support him. Anuradha Bhonsle works as a child laborer to educate children and give them a proper childhood. Anuradha Bhonsle told Amitabh Bachchan that he had to face many difficulties for this noble cause. He also received death threats many times, but Anuradha said that it would be a matter of pride for me to lose my life while doing this job.

KBC A clip was shown of a girl telling her story about the death of her parents, who drove her out of the house with her grandparents. The girl was forced to beg due to poverty. Meanwhile, Anuradha Bhonsle saw the girl and extended a helping hand towards her. Today the girl is studying and wants to be a poet. The girl also recited a sensitive poem about her mother and finally said – I miss you mother …

At the same time, Amitabh Bachchan became emotional and tears came to his eyes. It took a few seconds to recover them. In it, Anuradha explained how the children were engaged in the business of begging, abducted and intoxicated.

The questions Anuradha Bhonsle asked on KBC 12 were-
According to the movie Bobby’s song ‘Jhole Bole …’, what bites you if you lie?
The correct answer to this question – no

If you are eating Ansar from Maharashtra, what kind of food do you eat?
Whose grave is this? A photo with this question was shown
The correct answer to this question is Mahatma Gandhi

Which of these medically located diseases is usually caused by high blood pressure?
The correct answer to this question – hyper tension

Who sang this song in Sadma movie?
The correct answer to this question is Suresh Wadkar

Which of the following genres of Marathi poetry describes the important events of history in an exciting way?
The correct answer to this question is Povda

Identify this actor in the role of a politician
The correct answer to this question is Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Who was the first Dalit President of India?
The correct answer to this question is KR Narayanan

Which of these tournaments is not named after a cricketer?
Anuradha Bhonsle stuck to this question and used 50-50 lifeline and then answered this question correctly – Santosh Trophy

Who was the President of FTII Society in 2000 and Chairman of its Governing Council?
The correct answer to this question – Shekhar Kapoor

Which of these is a former student of Howard Business School, and their children’s names are Rajiv Sanjeev and Sunaina?
Anuradha Bhonsle got stuck on this question and used the life flip of the questions and earlier Amitabh Bachchan gave the correct answer to this question – Rahul Bajaj
At the same time, the question that came up after the life line was-
Which city of Maharashtra is situated at the confluence of Mula and Mutha rivers?
The correct answer to this question is – Pune

Maharashtra Kisan Accident Insurance Scheme is a well known name?
Stuck on this question, the video call is a friend’s life line. After that, the correct answer to this question was given – Gopinath Munde

Who is the author of the book ‘It’s on Pakistan’ published in 1941?
The correct answer to this question is BR Ambedkar
At the same time, after this question, the hooters at the end of the show rang and Anuradha Bhonsle won Rs 25 lakh.


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