Karba Chauth 2020: Sridevi asked the pilot to open quickly in the middle flight

New Delhi: Today Karba Chauth festival is being celebrated. The festival of Karva Chauth is quite special for every couple. On this day women fast for the longevity of the husband. Seeing the moon at night, he broke his fast. Bollywood actresses also celebrate the festival with great pomp. Sridevi, the most beautiful actress in Bollywood, also used to observe Karba Chauth. This day was very special for him. At the moment, Sridevi has not lived on this earth, but people still remember her for this day.

Sridevi used to follow rituals
Once Sridevi had a demand from the pilot of the aircraft for speeding. The story of his claim is quite popular. It is said that Sridevi followed his customs very well. She lived like an ordinary woman. Sridevi worked with Subhash Ghai in many films. For this reason Subhash Ghai often narrated an anecdote related to Sridevi.

Sridevi fasted during the shooting of the film
Citing an anecdote, Subhash Ghai once said that Sridevi and Bonnie Kapoor were in New York for the shooting of English Vinyl. During the shooting of the film, Sridevi fasted for Karbachaut. After the shooting of the film in New York, Sridevi quickly opened up with all the formalities.

Sridevi demanded that the plane be removed from the pilot
If the sources are to be believed, once Sridevi quickly broke her Karbachaut in a plane. Sridevi and Bonnie Kapoor were on their way to Los Angeles from Mexico. The flight of the two was night. It was time to break the fast, but he could not see the moon. He believed in how to break the fast without seeing the moon. After being restless for a long time, he asked the pilot to turn the ship in the direction where he would be given the moon and open his vow with a glass of water.

Sridevi died in 2018
I tell you, Sridevi died on 24 February 2018 at a hotel in Dubai. After his death, his daughter Janhvi Kapoor started working on the film. Sridevi may not be in this world today, but people always remember her because of her best films.

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