Karan Singh Grover celebrates his 37th birthday, Bipasha shared the video

Bollywood actor Karan Singh Grover is celebrating his 37th birthday. His birthday Bipasha Basu made this birthday even more special. Bipasha had a party on Karan’s birthday, which was attended by many of his close friends. A video of Karan’s birthday is going viral on social media.

Karan his celebration 37Birthday

Karan Singh Grover celebrates his 37th birthday with his Bipasha Basu and a few of his special ones. A video of which Bipasha herself has shared on her Instagram account. While sharing the video, Bipasha wrote in the caption, ‘Happy birthday is the love of my life. I love you with each passing day. God bless you on this birthday. Always be a good person like you. Love and affection in your way

Both were married three years ago

Let me tell you that Bipasha and Karan got married three years ago. The love between Karan and Bipasha grows during the film ‘Eka’. It was Karan Singh Grover’s first film. After this film, Karan fell in love with Bipasha and the two got married a few days later.


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