Karan Johar praises Akshay, Shah Rukh fans angry, had to apologize

Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Kesari’ has been released on Holi day. The film rocked the box office as soon as it arrived. Karan Johar is very happy with the bumper opening of this film and he did something on social media that caused a commotion in the morning and later he had to apologize.

People listened to Karan

While news of the opening day of ‘Keshari’ was coming, Karan Johar was active on social media. This time, he liked a tweet after which people started trending him on social media. Karan liked a tweet in which Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Kesari’ was compared to last year’s Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Zero’. After that people got so upset over Karan Johar that #ShemOnKaranJohar started trending on Twitter. Shah Rukh’s fans did not tolerate it.

Karan has apologized to the people

Karan Johar realized his mistake and immediately apologized through a tweet. He tweeted, ‘Friends, I have a technical problem with my Twitter account. Strange things are going on. Uploading pictures of shoes and my favorite tweets. I haven’t read or accepted these tweets. Please stay with me and I apologize for any inconvenience. I immediately fixed it.


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