Kapil Sharma’s mother was angry for the boy? That’s what he said

New Delhi Due to the popularity of the comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, big celebrities come here every week. Most of the celebrities come to promote their films. In a recent episode, cricketer Suresh Raina appeared.

The combination of cricket and comedy is old
Kapil Sharma arrives at the show with Indian cricketer Suresh Raina’s wife and daughter Priyanka Raina. During this time, he made many revelations related to his personal life.

He married the coach’s daughter
During the show, Suresh Raina was seen showing that Priyanka is his coach’s daughter and they have known each other since childhood. He said there was a time when the two had not met for eight years because Priyanka had gone abroad. Where Raina was busy playing cricket.

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Home-Family Conversation
At this time, there was also a conversation between Kapil Sharma and Suresh Raina about the family. Kapil said that after the birth of his daughter, he started to respect his wife Ginny more, because a mother had to face many problems.

Kapil’s mother scolded her son
Sharing an anecdote about his family, Kapil said, ‘I told Ginny one day that after the birth of your daughter, my Ginny has more respect for you. When I was saying this, my mother was sitting there. He listened to me and said that I also had three children, but you never told me that. Everyone laughed when they heard this.

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