Kapil Sharma was emotional remembering the bad times, said the big thing

He has been in regular touch since comedy king emperor Kapil Sharma returned to TV. Earlier, Kapil had to go through a long ordeal. Before the show started, Kapil was in the news regularly due to wrong reasons. Kapil has been accused of abusing a journalist on the phone, and at the same time, according to reports, he too has become a victim of frustration. At this time, he suddenly had to stop his new show ‘Family Time with Kapil Sharma’.

Speaking about his bad episode at the Fixie Frames event, Kapil said, ‘You learn a lot from mistakes. I also learned a lot from my bad times and will not repeat it now. I want to thank those who were by my side at my worst. Today I fear only negativity because it sells the most. There is very little truth in the news published today. Some people know everything about me and some people don’t know anything about me. ‘

Kapil further said, ‘I speak straight from the heart, though from now on I have started to be a little cautious. Being a celebrity is a big responsibility on you and I think I should be mature now. I shouldn’t talk nonsense.


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