Kapil Sharma Show: Krishna Abhishek says that Kapil’s flowers have blossomed in the show

Krishna Abhishek and Kapil Sharma.

Krishna Abhishek (Krishna Abhishek) announced during ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ this week that he does not want to take part in the show.

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  • Latest version:November 7, 2020, 10:21 p.m.

Mumbai Kapil Sharma show, a TV show that comes every week on weekends to make people laugh every week with new episodes. All the artists associated with the show are doing great work. Remo D’Souza will be seen with his team this week. This week’s show is going to be fun, but this time Krishna Abhishek (Krishna Abhishek) Kapil Sharma is going to breathe. During the show he talks about leaving the show.

During Kapil Sharma’s show this week, Krishna Abhishek (Krishna Abhishek) announced that he does not want to take part in the show. As the news went viral, fans also became frustrated with Kapil. If you are also disappointed, the news is for you, Krishna is not really leaving the show. A promo video of it has been released.

In the video, Krishna has made an entry by dancing Abhishek Sapna. At this point, the dream begins to return as soon as Remo de Souza is seen on the show. He spoke to all the guests one by one before leaving. Kapil asks, “Why is the boy doing this, don’t talk to him?” Sapna said about this, ‘What does anyone say to so many guests?’

Krishna also took a pinch of Remo D’Souza for not giving work. The dream says that Remo Sir I have written a book on you, called ‘Dance of Dance, Diso of D’Souza’. Kapil said, “You also know what is written.” In reply, Sapna said, “Who doesn’t know about them. The new boys have made a star on TV, movie stars.

Sapna further said, ‘Boys from every corner of the country were made into stars, but a boy survives in their (Remo de Souza) building. Didn’t give them any work. In fact, Krishna jokes that he and Remo live in the same building but Remo does not offer him any job.


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