Kapil Sharma flirted with the actress, so he said- ‘You are married’

New Delhi: Famous comedian Kapil Sharma does not refrain from flirting with every heroine in his show. The same thing happened on the show this time. But this time Kapil also got an interesting answer while flirting. Guru Randhawa and Nora Fatehi are going to be in the new episode of ‘The Kapil Sharma’. Kapil had a lot of fun with these two and flirted as usual. Recently, the promotion of this episode was published, in which Kapil was seen flirting with Nora.

Randhawa himself called for promotion
In this episode you will find the fun chemistry of Guru and Kapil. The guru also expressed a laugh. Guru says, ‘Before that I had 3 songs. Each time I called Kapil and asked if there was anything to promote, but he showed no interest. This time I called and said that my song is with Nora Fatehi, then Kapil said – come quickly.

The promo shows that Nora Fatehi entered the show after Guru Randhawa opened this secret.

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Kapil said, Terrence was jealous
After Nora Fatehi came, Kapil said, “I was very jealous when Terrence flirted with you.” Nora said to Kapil, ‘You are married’. With this, Kapil immediately showed his spot-response art and said, ‘I am in the dark west’. After that the show is loud.

About Nora, Kapil said that Sony TV never introduces us directly to Nora. For the first month I was sent to the best dancers in India and told to watch from a distance. I was jealous when Terrence flirted with her.

In the midst of this movement Kapil asks Nora to eat and drink something, he refuses but Guru says I am hungry. Kapil joked about this and said, go and eat. All in all, viewers are going to enjoy watching this episode a lot.


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