Kapil Dev tweeted praising the health of Ranveer Singh ’83’s main man – I’m on my way to recovery

22 minutes ago

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It was learned on Friday morning that Kapil Dev had suffered a heart attack and was undergoing angioplasty at a hospital in Delhi. The prayers of the Cricket World Cup winning captain continued throughout the day. Later in the evening, Kapil tweeted about his health. “I’m on my way to recovery,” he wrote.

Kapil tweeted to Health
Kapil writes- Thank you so much for all your love and prayers. I am grateful for all your prayers. Now I am on the way to recovery. Earlier, Ranveer Singh, who played Kapil Dev in the 833 film about the 1983 victory, also promised a speedy recovery. Ranveer writes – Legend Kapil Dev is a symbol of strength and return. I pray for the improvement of the health of my main people as soon as possible.

Ranveer has taken the exact look at 83
Due to the lockdown, 63 pictures of Kabir Khan could not be released. No release date has been announced yet. Ranbir has adopted the look of Kapil Dev, he was surprised to come. Speaking of Kapil, Pankaj Tripathi, Shah Rukh Khan, Itesh Deshmukh and the rest of the film star Kastin have also prayed for Kapil’s recovery on social media.


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