Kannada actor Surendra Bantwal’s body found on the couch, many marks of sharp weapons found on his body

26 minutes ago

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Buntwal worked on the Tulu language hit film Chali Polilu and the Kannada language Savarn Galia Sanghi.

Kannada film actor and rowdy shit Surendra Bantwal has been killed. On Wednesday, his body was found lying on a couch in his apartment in Bantwal, Karnataka. There were several marks of a sharp arm on his body. Police said unidentified assailants attacked Banatwal. However, the real reason behind this has not been revealed yet. Police have filed a murder case and launched an investigation.

Friends found the body

According to reports, Buntwall’s friends called him several times and he went to his house when he got no answer. There he saw Bantwal’s body lying on the couch. “We are trying to find out who was with him the night before his death,” police said in an interview with an English news website. He was hit with a sharp weapon. “

There are 15 criminal cases against Banatwal

According to police sources, 15 criminal cases have been filed against Bantwal. About two and a half years ago, a video of him going viral showed him threatening BJP workers while wielding a sword. Two BJP workers were also injured. Buntwall was also arrested in the case. He was later granted bail. He is said to have joined the Congress.


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