Kanika Illinois, who worked with the filmmaker, spoke – I was always in line with her, Tapasi and my pictures came when the two men were comfortable

Amit Karna, MumbaiA month ago

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Viral picture of affection with Tapsi and Konika.

Actress Payal Ghosh has accused #MeToo against Anurag Kashyap. After which, the passion for arrest is also being spread on social media. Unofficial pictures of Konika Jhilon and Tapsi Pannu are also going viral with passion. It shows Anurag sitting on his lap. This film is from the period of ‘Monmargijan’, which was written by Konika. Konika has answered many questions about the allegations against Anurag.

– The Metu campaign continued for so long, then the affection did not face serious allegations. Looks like now. What do you mean?

Corpses ‘Judging by all parties and flesh, this movement is also of men. This promotion does not necessarily mean that you go to the ‘Witch Hunt’. Arresting someone on the basis of a complaint alone is not appropriate for the movement, nor for civil society.

He further said, ‘He should be punished for someone, not at anyone’s direction. It would not be right to arrest and imprison someone at someone’s request. Due to which the allegation is being made, due to investigation. The arrest process should follow. It is for both men and women. ‘

– Since Anurag was anti-establishment, he is being subjected to such allegations.

Corpses‘I don’t want to reveal. Taking a big fundamental position, I would say that based solely on the allegations, you should investigate the media or social media before accusing or convicting.

Kanika was the author of Anurag's film Manmargia and the dialogue writer.

Kanika was the author of Anurag’s film Manmargia and the dialogue writer.

– What do you want to say in the picture of Tapasi and Anurag with you being Vipal?

Corpses‘We worked with passion. Everyone has a comfort zone. In such a situation, how can anyone judge these photos, how such a hand had a drowning hand. The two took pictures. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. I don’t understand what the angle is. When people forget the logic, things like that go viral.

– How did Anurag treat you? Do we want to give that blueprint?

Corpses‘I can’t describe other people’s experiences. My experience with talking about it with passion was very comfortable and good. I have never felt uncomfortable with affection. We have a very good professional relationship.

– How unfortunate is this magical victim?

Corpses‘As I said,‘ Mitu ’is not just for women, the two are involved. Also, if as a society we have decided that without truth and investigation no one will be convicted and start a complaint, no one will survive. This should be condemned.


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