Kangana’s sister Rangoli interrogated Shabana, writing: Why are you taking part in anti-India politics to stay in the headlines?

15 days ago

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Kangana’s sister Rangoli retaliated with Shabana Ajmi on Instagram Story. Rangoli interrogated him in which he said that only in him should one perform well. Rangoli wrote in reply – Why is she and her husband renowned lyricist Javed Akhtar taking part in anti-India politics? Stay in the title?

Why Kangana’s anti-India agenda is not real

Rangoli writes – Now the suicide team. Dear Shabana ji, I have some questions for you and your husband. Why don’t you both stick to your work i.e. acting and poetry? Why are you actively participating in anti-India politics? Why stay in the title? Or just for some problem? If your anti-India agenda is justified, why can’t the pro-India agenda be realistic? Different rules for Kangana and why different for you?

Shabana said Kangana lives in her own imagination

Shabana said- ‘Kangana lives in her imagination. She says she taught feminism in the film world, she taught nationalism. I’m glad they did it because no one else paid attention. I think he’s scared the day he won’t be in the headlines. So in order to be in the news, they have to give constantly moving statements. Poor girl, she’s just the best at what she does, why not act? “

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