Kangana’s honesty in trolls: People advised Kangana to keep quiet, the actress gave a suitable answer – follow me or block me

5 minutes ago

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Kangana Ranaut, who has an open opinion on every issue, has given a suitable answer to those who are advising her to remain silent on Twitter. Kangana wrote in her tweet, “All the fans who check my tweets all day long, then describe themselves as annoyed and tired and tell me to keep quiet, they can mute or follow or block. If you don’t, you really Don’t hate me, but if you don’t know, do it

Kangana is constantly tweeting for Arnab

Kangana Ranaut is constantly fighting for the release of prison journalist Arnab Goswami. On Monday night, he wrote in one of his tweets, “People like Arnav and me fight for you by fighting against the world instead of celebrating their success and popularity in a country where # the most corrupt societies live.”

Kangana wrote in the next tweet, “We can enjoy our lives and work in an easy way and not say a word against nepotism, terrorism, drug terrorism, innocent murder and corruption. India is decisive. Call. Choose your future. You have great potential.” You’re on the doorstep, don’t look back. Wake up. “

Kangana is busy preparing for her brother’s wedding

Kangana Ranaut is currently busy preparing for her brother Akshat’s wedding, which will take place on November 12 in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Recently Kangana gave information about this.

Kangana wrote in her tweet, “This is a wonderful time for my family and me. I am arranging a destination wedding for my brother in Udaipur from where the Ranat family actually comes. Now my parents are going home. Because of Corona it will be a small gathering. , But the tension is equal.


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