Kangana’s brother Akshat’s wedding begins – first greetings, first invitations to uncle’s house

Kangana Ranaut is facing one case after another and one FIR after another. But in the meantime a few good watches have knocked at his house. Kangana’s brother Akshat’s wedding ceremony has started. Which started with congratulations. Kangana shared a video of the incident on social media and explained the reason.

At first he put turmeric on his brother
Kangana shared the video and wrote that congratulations are a tradition in Himachal. Which begins with sending the first wedding invitation to Mama’s house. Invitations are then sent to the rest of the people. Kangana’s brother Akshat got married in November. In this video, Kangana’s house friends are seen applying yellow to the ax with Himachali songs. Kangana herself is enjoying this ritual a lot.

Has recently shot some thaliv scenes
A few days before the start of her brother’s wedding, Kangana was in Hyderabad shooting some parts of Thalaivi. Kangana has shared some pictures from the set of Thalaivi on her social media account. After that, he also started his next film Tejas and Kakad training, videos of which were published through social media. Two FIRs have been lodged in Kangana alleging Hindu-Muslim division.


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