Kangana’s anger spread by showing a Hindu girl as a Muslim daughter-in-law – said – be aware of what these creative terrorists are trying to fill our minds

7 days ago

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The Kangana Ranaut jewelery brand Tanshik has appeared in an advertisement showing a Hindu girl as the daughter-in-law of a Muslim family. The actress wrote on Twitter, “This ad is wrong on many levels. The Hindu daughter-in-law lives with the family for a long time, but is accepted when she brings her successor. So is she just a set of ovaries?” . “

The creator of the ad is called – Creative Terrorist

Kangana wrote in the next tweet, “Hindus need to be fully aware of how these creative terrorists are trying to infiltrate our minds. We should examine this. What thoughts should we debate and evaluate? The only way to save our civilization. “

Kangana said – curse

Earlier on Monday night, Kangana sent a curse to Tanishq. He wrote, “The idea was not so big a problem to make the idea work. The frightened Hindu girl asks her mother-in-law in a frightened voice that this ritual is not with you? That woman is not part of the house?” Why is he at their mercy? Why is he so afraid in his own home? Disappointed. “

The ad was withdrawn after the boycott

After the advertisement was published, social media users raised the question why no advertisement can be done without any religion or caste. Many users have even written that Tanishak is promoting love-jihad under the guise of unity in his advertisements. #BoycottTanishak has taken to social media. Seeing the intensity of the controversy, the company withdrew its advertisement.

What was in Tanshik’s advertisement?

Tanishq’s ad featured a Hindu girl as the daughter-in-law of a Muslim family. When she was about to become a mother and she would have a child, she asked her mother-in-law that this ritual does not happen to you, does it? In response, the mother-in-law said, “But there is a custom in every house to keep the daughter happy, isn’t there?”


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