Kangana was angry with Dhruv Rathi and said that she had earned lakhs of rupees for making fake videos. Because, I can send him to jail

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Dhruv Rathi recently shared a video on YouTube, claiming that BMC had issued a notice in 2013 by BMC for illegally constructing its office.

Kangana Ranaut has threatened to send Dhruv Rathi to jail. Without naming Rathi, he retweeted a tweet from journalist and filmmaker Array Cathar, “Hahaha..and a lot of arrears. Really got paid to make this stupid fake video. I lied on BMC notice I could send him to jail for spreading , For which he was paid Rs 1 lakh. Why would anyone openly lie about legal matters without government support or money. “

Where Rathi’s controversy began

Journalist and filmmaker Array Cath alleges that the big YouTuber was paid Rs 655 lakh to reveal his family’s role in the Susanta case. The same YouTuber was earlier hired to make a video opposite Kangana Ranaut and Arnab Goswami.

Dhruv Rathi got stuck after cleaning

Array Cathar did not name Dhruv Rathi in his tweet. Nevertheless, he has made it clear. He wrote in his tweet, “What bad news is going on about me? Firstly, no one paid me to make a video of Kangana. Secondly, I am not planning to make any video of Sushant Singh Rajput and thirdly, I want to put Rs 30 lakh per video, I How rich I will be. “

Array responded to Rathi’s tweet

Rathi’s tweet array replied, “First of all, I didn’t name anyone. If you think it’s you, you are welcome. Secondly about your fees and deals, of course I’ll talk about it, but I’m not focusing at the moment. Wait I am glad you deleted the video or you have no plans, you answered yourself


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