Kangana vs Diljit: Diljit Dosanhe supports Bollywood stars

New Delhi: The farmers’ movement in Punjab has been going on in Delhi for the last eight days over the Kisan Bill. On Thursday, Bollywood celebrities reacted to issues related to the peasant movement. Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut And singers and actors Diljit Dosandha There was a clash between them which exceeded all limits of decoration. Meanwhile, apart from social media users, many Bollywood celebrities appeared in support of Diljit Dosandh.

These stars supported Diljit
Kangana Ranaut (Kangana Ranaut) In the ongoing Twitter war between Diljit and Dosandh Swara sculptorMany Bollywood celebrities including Richa Chada, Kubra Sait, Gulshan Dewaiya have supported Diljit through tweets. Swara tagged the singer in her post, writing, “Diljit Dosandh is a star.” Sacred Games actress Kubra tweeted, “I like Diljit Dosandh very much.” See all tweets below: –

The battle between the two continues
Say it on Thursday Diljit Dosandha (Diljit Dosandh) Actress Kangana Ranaut took to Twitter. Both of them responded to each other by tweeting a lot continuously. Hindi, English and Punjabi were used during this time. This war is still going on, see who will win this battle of the peasant movement here on social media. This debate, however, is seen to be strongly supported by both followers.

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