Kangana said- if proved wrong I will return the award, if your memory is weak then check the interview again

14 days ago

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Following the release of Riya Chakraborty, many Bollywood actors have attacked each other following the AIIMS investigation team report and the alleged CBI report. Swara, who worked with Kangana in Tanu Wads Manu, put a lot of pressure on him. After which Kangana responded to the same tweets of Swara. Kangana says – If I make a single false allegation, I will return all my rewards, this is the promise of Kshatriya.

Video of the interview was shared

Kangana wrote while sharing her interview – this is my interview, if you have any weak memory, check it again. If I make a false accusation, I will return all my rewards, this is the promise of Kshatriya. I am a fan of Lord Rama. Go to life but don’t promise. Joy Shri Ram.

Swara insulted Kangana

Kangana Ranaut is standing by her earlier statement that she will return her award if her allegations in the Sushant Singh Rajput case are proved false. On Wednesday afternoon, Swara Bhaskar made sharp remarks about Kangana. Swara said- now CBI and AIIMS have said that Sushant’s death is suicide. Some people were going to return government awards.

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