Kangana said about Aamir’s daughter Ira’s frustration – it is very difficult for the children of a broken family

8 days ago

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On World Mental Health Day, Ira Khan revealed that she was suffering from clinical depression. Then, on the one hand, Aamir’s 23-year-old daughter is falling prey to all the love and sympathy of Bollywood, on the other hand the good news of Kangana has taken everyone by surprise. Kangana says it is very difficult for the children of broken families.

Kangana wrote her story on Twitter

Ira shared a video and revealed that she has been suffering from depression for the last 4 years. Kangana has also commented on this. He wrote while tweeting – I was physically abused at the age of sixteen. His sister was taken care of alone, on top of which acid was thrown. The media was also affected. There can be many reasons for frustration. But it is even more painful for broken families. Traditional family arrangements are extremely important.

Kangana’s case is still pending

This is not the first time Kangana has spoken about the personal affairs of any Bollywood celebrity. Recently, Kangana made a statement against the Maharashtra government. After which a bulldozer was planted in his office. Kangana then filed a case with BMC seeking a loss of Rs 2 crore. Whose decision has been reserved by the Bombay High Court.

Significantly, Ira is the daughter of Amir and Rina. Rina and Aamir were married in 198 198 and separated in 2002.

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