Kangana Ranaut’s brother’s wedding preparations in full swing, women break down to put yellow, watch funny video

Kangana Ranaut (Photo credit – Kangana Ranaut / Instagram)

Kangana Ranaut’s two brothers are preparing for their wedding together. Recently, Kangana shared a very special video (yellow show) of her second brother Karan (Karan).

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Mumbai The name of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has been in the news for a long time due to the controversy. At the same time, Kangana is enjoying family time coming out of all this rubbish. Kangana’s two brothers are going to get married. At the same time, Kangana is completely immersed in the married house. Recently Kangana shared a video of her brother Akshat’s yellow show. At the same time, he shared a special video of his second brother i.e. Karan (brother Kangana) ‘s Haldi ceremony. This video shows how the women of the house broke Kangana’s brother to put yellow.

Kangana Ranaut This video of his brother Karan’s special day has been shared on his Instagram account. This video shows Karan sitting with his arms and legs in the middle and the women of the house applying yellow to him. All the ladies are putting yellow together and there is a wonderful fun and fun atmosphere. Kangana Ranaut is also seen in this video. Kangana looks very happy sitting in front, she is applying yellow to her brother. Watch this video of Kangna here-

Kangana Ranaut’s stylish and traditional themed dress is also worth a look at Bhai Karan’s yellow show. Kangana wore a red designer suit for this special occasion. In this dress, Kangana has also created a beautiful hairstyle by putting roses in her hair. Kangana also wrote a special caption for her brother in this video. Kangana shared this video and wrote – ‘There was no marriage in the family after Rangoli’s marriage a decade ago. All the credit goes to me but today my brother Karan and Akshat broke this reluctance and our ancestral home resonated with the wedding celebration. In three weeks, three marriages started with Karan’s yellow today.


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