Kangana Ranaut’s brother’s destination wedding: Kangana Ranaut shared her brother’s mehndi picture, the actress herself applied Akshat to mehndi

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The wedding ceremony of Kangana Ranaut’s brother Akshat has started in Udaipur. The mehndi ceremony of Akshat and his future wife Ritu was completed on Wednesday. Kangana shared a picture of her brother’s mehndi on Twitter, writing, “My brother made a small galaxy in my hand.” In the picture, Mehndi is seen sitting with Ritu unharmed.

Kangana shared a few more photos of herself in another tweet, where she was seen posing in traditional theatrical attire inside the Leela Palace. In the caption, the actress writes, “Brother’s marriage.”

The marriage of the characters took place on 12 November

The wedding theme of Akshat and Ritu is Rajwada, for which the entire Ronot family arrived in Udaipur on 10 November with the bride’s family. The wedding ceremonies will last for 2 days. After playing yellow and music on Wednesday, Akshat and Morning Tu will take seven points at 9:30 am on Thursday. The reception evening will include selected individuals from both families.

Kangana gave information about the destination marriage

Earlier, Kangana wrote in a tweet, “This is a wonderful time for my family and for me. I am planning a destination wedding for my brother in Udaipur, where the Runot family is actually the real Cor because it will be a small gathering, but the excitement is equal.”

As a child, Kangana used to harass her brother

Kangana shared a childhood photo of herself and her brother Akshat in a tweet. In it, he writes, “Akshat’s face reminds me of how I used to tease him. I was very angry and knowingly and unknowingly he supported me in this danger too. My little Volu has grown up now and those childhood years are gone … it Sounds like yesterday.


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