Kangana Ranaut, who came to support Malvi who was stabbed, is similar to Struggler from a small town.

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  • Kangana Ranaut condemns attack on Malvi Malhotra and comments: ‘This is what happens to small town activists’

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TV actress Malvi Malhotra was attacked with a knife in Mumbai around 11pm on Monday. He is the adjutant of Kokilaben Hospital. Injured Malvi has the support of Kangana Runot. Reacting to the incident, Kangana said to Malvi, “Dear Malvi, I am with you, I have read you criticized, I pray for you.” I am requesting Rekha Sharma to take action against the culprits soon. We are with you and we will bring your judgment. Be confident.

Kangana further wrote on Twitter that this is true of the film world. This happens in the case of traffickers in small towns, who have no connection or proper channels, the nephew children defend themselves as much as they want, but how many of them were stabbed, raped or murdered?

Malvi asked for help

Earlier on Tuesday, Malvi sought the help of the National Commission for Women and Kangana Ranaut in a media conversation and said, “I am appealing to the chairman of the National Commission for Women, Rekha Sharma, to look into the matter and help me.” I also request Kangana to support me because I am also from Mandi in her city. That happened to me in Mumbai. I never thought of that in a dream. Therefore, I want to support him for the injustice that has been done to me.

The local guardian informed about Malvi’s condition

Atul Patel, Malvi’s guardian in Mumbai, said Malvi had knives in both his hands and abdomen. She is in danger. The doctor will soon perform her plastic surgery. Patel said Mumbai police have registered an FIR. Police also went to Yogesh’s house but could not find him. Malvier’s family will take him back home once his treatment is over.

The accident happened on Monday night

The incident with Malvi took place in Versova around 9pm on Monday. When he was returning home from the cafe. Jogesh, who had been waiting for Malvi for a long time, attacked him with a knife. Himachal resident Malvi has acted in Telugu film ‘Kumari 21F’, Tamil film ‘Nadikku Andy’, Hindi film ‘Hotel Milan’ and TV serial ‘Udyan’. Apart from this, he has also worked in a few advertisements.


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