Kangana Ranaut urged the people to maintain cleanliness, people said

New Delhi Himachal Pradesh is famous for its beautiful lawsuits. People from home and abroad come to visit. Unless roaming is okay, if tourists start scattering dirt, it becomes a matter of concern. Today every conscious person is concerned about the environment. Bollywood stars have also been urging people to be clean. A new tweet from Kangana Ranaut has recently surfaced regarding sanitation.

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I request you to maintain cleanliness
Kangana Ranaut in her new tweet is urging people to maintain cleanliness. Kangana shared a post from her Twitter account. In this post, a picture has also been shared with tweets. In this photo a beautiful plaintiff is seen and plastic rubbish is lying on the grass everywhere.

He tweeted, ‘Must visit Himachal Pradesh, but don’t put plastic waste here and there. In particular, avoid discarding empty plastic bottles and packets of chips. If sensitive, sick-minded people get here, this beautiful valley could one day turn into a pile of rubbish. Please don’t do this. ‘

People are appreciating Kangana’s initiative. Let me tell you that Kangana was part of the Government of India’s ‘Clean India Campaign’ campaign. He has repeatedly asked people about cleanliness. Kangana is currently in the headlines because of her offensive remarks.

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