Kangana Ranaut told Hrithik Roshan, “I will never get where I want to go.”

Bollywood’s fastest moving actress Kangana Ranaut is currently discussing her recently released film ‘Manikarnika’. Recently, Kangana came to participate in the 18th edition of India Today Conclave. Where Kangana has publicly noticed her opponent.

Kangana said here without naming her co-star Hrithik Roshan that “I don’t know the person I worked with in 2 films.” After working with me on two films for 10 years, he said he didn’t know me. I want to know how it can be. At first, Anurag worked for two years in Basu’s film Kites. Has worked in agriculture for three years. After that, he said that he could not recognize “Kangana said while talking to Hrithik,” I can never reach where I am. ”

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Kangana Ranaut has openly said from many forums that she doesn’t need any more big ones now. The success that they have achieved, they have achieved themselves. Kangana also targeted Karan Johar here and said that “Karan made fun of me on the IIFA stage and told me about nepotism.” He called me unemployed. Said I want work from him. I said, look at my talent and watch my movies. Really what. He called me Baker on a platform in London. I think some people should eat shade. Kangana’s film ‘Manikarnika’ did great business at the box office. Due to which Kangana has become the queen of Bollywood nowadays.


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