Kangana now calls the word Bollywood insulting, tweeted – deny it was stolen from Hollywood

4 days ago

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Recently, Kangana Ranaut described the 34 producers who appealed against the news channel and journalists as hype.

  • Kangana Ranaut used the word bhanda for some artists in her latest tweet without giving her name.
  • Aiming at Bollywood, the actress has described herself as the heroine of uninterrupted action in the industry.

Kangana Ranaut called the Indian film industry ‘Bollywood’ annoying and urged people to avoid it. He wrote in one of his tweets, “There are artists, there is buff. There is Indian film industry, there is Bollywood. #IndiaRejectBollywood. The most ridiculous thing is Bollywood, which has been copied and stolen from Hollywood. Cancel.”

I call myself a Bollywood action heroine

In another tweet, Kangana described herself as the first actress to act in Bollywood. He shared a video and wrote, “I have started taking action training for my upcoming action films ‘Tejas’ and ‘Adakad’. In these films, I play the role of a soldier and a detective, respectively. After the success, I also gave Bollywood the first serial action heroine. “

Kangana is a regular attacker in Bollywood

Kangana, who calls Bollywood Bollywood, is a regular attacker in the industry. On Wednesday, he announced 34 producers who had applied as hyenas against news channels and journalists. She wrote, “All the hymns of Bollywood came together to attack the media because of their names. I want to ask them why they are not united against the injustice done to workers, women, stuntmen?” They not only claim their own human rights, but also pretend to be the perfect human rights of others. “

Kangana told Bollywood about the sewer

In a tweet on Monday, Kangana called Bollywood a sewer. Criticizing producers who call news channel and journalist reporting irresponsible and offensive, he wrote, “Bollywood is a web of drugs, exploitation, nepotism and jihad. It is more than clear. I’ll let you know as long as I’m here. “

Not only that, Kangana in a tweet accused Bollywood’s big heroes of exploiting girls. She writes, “Older heroes not only see women as an object, they also exploit young girls. They do not allow young people like S Sushant Singh Rajput to come forward, but at the age of 50 they want to play the role of school children themselves. They never stand up for anyone. Then even if there is injustice in front of people’s eyes. “


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