Kangana immersed in celebration: Kangana danced to Himachali folk song at her brother’s reception, shared photos with her brothers and congratulated them

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10 minutes ago

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The month of November is full of celebration and joy for Kangana. Recently her brother and cousin got married. After which the period of continuous celebration is going on. On Sunday, Kangana’s Akshat and Ritu’s home reception was held, in which Kangana danced to Himachali folk songs. His attire was also discussed at the reception.

Videos shared via social media
Mountain artist Kangri Gaan is singing during Bhai Akash’s Dham … Koi Jammu Shahr Bal Yaay, My Mother Dupur Chunri Lao ….. Kangana, her sister-in-law Itu Tu and everyone else in the house have been seen dancing to this folk song. Kangana posted the video and wrote- I like folk music of every genre. This is Kangri folklore, which means a woman is expressing her love for her mother.

Special congratulations to brother Duj
Kangana shared a photo taken during her wedding with Vaiduje Rangoli, Akshat and Cousin. With this he wrote- Brother Duj to everyone. Rangoli’s son Prithvi’s birthday was also celebrated on the reception day. Rangoli shared some videos and pictures of Kangana dancing and cake cutting on Instagram.

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