Kamal Hassan cut the performance from ‘Are Ram’, Nawaz cried a lot, daughter Shruti Hassan gave the console

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui has now become a famous star of Bollywood but in the beginning he also saw a long period of fighting. In a recent interview, Nawaz narrated an episode of his struggling episode, which is related to legendary actor Kamal Hasan.

Nawaz said in an interview that there were many occasions in the early days of his career when his role was cut from many projects. He had the most problems with his role in the film Aarey Ram because he had a lot of respect for Kamal Hasan.

Kamal Hasan has played the role

In an interview with Spotboy, Nawaz said, “There were times when I played small roles in films and they were cut.” However, I still remember an incident with which my role model Kamal Hasan was involved. His Hindi dialogue coach in Maine Hey Ram (2000) was his own director and actor. When Kamalji suggested a small character of Hey Ram, I got excited like a kid. He is my idol with Dilip Kumar, Nasiruddin Shah, Anthony Hopkins and Wrestling Washington. I have seen all these movies many times. ”

I cried a lot

Nawaz further elaborated on his role in ‘Are Ram’ and said, “It was a very strong role, I had to play the role of a mob attacker who defended Kamal ji. I was so excited about it, but this roll was cut.

Nawaz said, “I cried badly. I remember his daughter Shruti Hassan comforting me.” Nawaz then said, “Kamal ji cut my role but I have no bad feelings towards him. He is a complete artist and his knowledge is complete. I even hesitate to name them.


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