‘Kala Chashma’ musician Indip Bakshi kept himself at home, Aman Baishala was in trouble due to suicide case

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Indip Bakshi, the composer of songs like ‘Saturday Saturday’ and ‘Kala Chashma’, has been forced to stay locked up in his Delhi home these days. After collaborating with Sumit Goswami for the music video ‘Raj’, he received constant death threats. In fact, Sumit has been accused of committing suicide by businessman Aman Baishala and is currently in jail. Baishala complained that she did not return her money before Sumit’s death.

Bakshi continues to receive threats

According to a Spotboy report, since the release of Indip Bakshi’s song ‘Raj’ with Sumit Goswami, people have been threatening Bokshi and her family on social media. They are quite annoyed by this behavior of people.

Speaking on the news portal, Boxie said, “I’m an artist and a producer. How do I know who’s in my personal life? Involved with. The controversy over the organization is exactly what his problem is. I talked to him. “

The song was coming out in November

Indip added, “Earlier this song was going to be released in November. Then the video went viral, where the deceased was seen blaming Goswami for his death. Our track was released two months ago and in October.”

We are afraid wherever we go

Bakshi said that wherever he went, he was afraid of his life. They don’t know who their fan is and who is attacking to kill? According to him, he recently wrote a post to wish his father a happy birthday, when people threatened to kill him.

‘I’ll stop singing if you want’

According to Indip, why did some people ‘screw on the bonnet of his car?’ He wrote that the mirror of his car was also broken. “I’m not against anyone. I just wrote rap. More than half of the artists are afraid to work with me because of the threats. My mother cries all day. I don’t know what to do,” he said. “I can also stop singing if you want. My family has everything for me.”

‘Big Boss 14’ gets out of hand

According to Indip Bakshi, he will be appearing in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’. However, due to controversy, this opportunity was taken away from him. They are currently locked in their own house.


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