Kajal was reprimanded on the set of DDLJ, decided to leave the film

New Delhi: This week DDLJ Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayez, celebrating its 25th anniversary, is seen in a photo that has been seen by more than 50 people across the country. Many people have seen this picture more than 100 times. An interesting incident related to this film is about Kajal, he threatened his director for the first time. Do you know why?

Aditya got angry
Kajal was playing the role of Simran very lightly from the very beginning. He said many times that it is a very old character. How can an old girl in London marry a village boy on her father’s instructions. Aditya explained to Kajal that he should try to be Simran instead of Kajal.

Kajal started screaming and crying.
In the scene where Kajal gets drunk after singing some jhum lun. The next day Shah Rukh Khan joked with him. Kajal was confused and had to cry in this serious scene. And Kajal was smiling. After retaking ten, Aditya was no more. He scolded Kajal and said, “If you are not serious about work, leave my film. Kajol started crying in front of everyone because of this notoriety.”

Kajal was ready to release the film in the middle of the shooting
Aditya left saying that Kajal is leaving the movie. Aditya’s father Yash Chopra explained to Kajal that this is a very important scene in the film. That is why Aditya is upset. The next day, Kajal arrived on set on time and did her scene without a smile. Kajal further said that day I started feeling like Simran. Karan’s wishes Aditya’s cousin and assistant director Karan Johar wanted to make episode 2 of DDLJ in this film.

Kiran Kher has given his name to DDLJ
He has been working on this idea for a long time. He wanted to make a film about Raj and Simran of the new era. He later dropped the idea at the behest of Yash Chopra. Yash Chopra believed that a remake of the famous film or its aftermath should not be made. Who gave the name DDLJ? Shah Rukh Khan did not like the name Dilwale Dulhania at all. The title of the film is given by Kiran Kher, wife of Anupam Kher, who played the role of Shah Rukh’s father in the film. He proposed the name to Yash Chopra’s wife Pam, who liked it so much that the title of the film became final.

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