Kajal remembered the iconic scene of DDLJ and said – Ja karna ja …

New Delhi: A soap company has released a new advertising poster. This poster is based on the iconic film ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. It shows the scene in the film, in which Shah Rukh is extending his hand towards Kajal. This poster was shared by DDLJ star Kajal in an interesting caption on social media.

Kajal did this post
Recently, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenz turned 25 years old. The entire star cast of the film is constantly sharing photos and videos on social media. Meanwhile, Kajal has also shared the advertisement poster of the soap. He wrote in the caption of this post, ‘Ja virus ja …. jine hume apan zindegi … # 25 years OfDDLJ’

Kajal remembered the DDLJ scene
Kajal has recreated the last scene of the film in his post. This is the scene where Amerish Puri leaves Kajal’s hand and says …. Ja Simran Ja, live your life. After that, Kajal rushes towards the train and Shah Rukh Khan is seen waiting with outstretched arms. Kaloj gets on the train holding his hand.

The last scene of the restored DDLJ
There is a twist in this post though. In the advertisement posted by Kajal, Raj asks Simran to wash his hands, to which Simran responds, “Don’t wash your hands first.” Many Twitter subscribers are liking Kajal’s post. At the same time a lot of feedback is coming.

I tell you, the world’s coronavirus crisis is still intact. In such situations people are repeatedly sanitizing and washing their hands to protect themselves from infection.

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