Kajal Raghavani, a strong dance to this Bhojpuri song of Devara Bhail Diwana, has become a great hit video

Kajal Raghavani’s Bhojpuri Song (Photo Grab- 6 Wave Music / YouTube Video)

Kajal Raghwani did a bad dance to a Bhojpuri song that made this video a superhit.

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Mumbai The way Bhojpuri film world (Bhojpuri) is making great progress. On the one hand, the fan following of the superstars involved in this industry is increasing, on the other hand, the actresses of Bhojpuri movies are also not less. Like many actresses, Kajal Raghwani has a strong fan following like male actors. This is why his pictures and Bhojpuri songs have proved to be hits on social media. Recently one of his Bhojpuri songs is trending. Kajal’s bad dance can be seen in this song.

Kajal Raghavani This Bhojpuri song is quite old but he is also seen trending due to his great fan following. This Bhojpuri song is from the super hit movie ‘Debra Veel Diwana’. All the songs in this film were well liked. At the same time a song of this film ‘Daiya Re Daiya’ has got more love from the audience. At the same time, people liked not only Kajal’s dance, but also her colorful style. Kajal wearing lehenga is also very beautiful in this song. Watch this Bhojpuri song go viral here

This song shows Kajal creating an atmosphere of dance and music in the wedding house. She is not only dancing and dancing herself, she is also making everyone dance together. The song is sung by Kajal Raghawani (Kajal is performing amazing dance. It is sung by Alka and Priyanka Singh together and written by Rajkumar R. Pandey).


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