Kajal Agarwal, the beautiful bride who came out for the ceremony with her mother, said thank you to the paparazzi in a pink dress.

6 minutes ago

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Kajal Agarwal and Gautam Kichlu are getting married today. Earlier, beautiful bride Kajal Agarwal appeared in front of the media. Kajal was accompanied by his mother Binoy. Kajal was wearing a pink suit, a traditional bangle in her hand, which was covered with a handkerchief.

Mehndi picture of yellow has gone viral
A day before the wedding, pictures of Kajal’s Mehndi and Halud ceremony became popular on the internet. Kajal has given several poses with her mother in the media and thanked for the congratulations. Now everyone is waiting to see Kajal look like a bride.

Kazil is the first celebrity to get married in Mumbai after a lockdown due to Kovid 19. After the wedding, Kajal will have a party in Hyderabad. Kajal recently said in an interview that she will continue to do movies even after marriage.


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