Justin Bieber asked about the status of coronavirus in India, to which the tick talk star replied

Justin Bieber (Photo Credit – Justin Bieber / Instagram)

Justin Bieber talks to tick talk stock Riaz Ali (tick talk star Riaz Ali) on his Instagram live. At this time, he inquired about the status of COVID 19 in India.

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  • Latest version:November 22, 2020, 12:03 p.m.

Mumbai Pop star Justin Bieber is extremely active on social media. He recently did a live session on his Instagram account. In this session, he interacted with Tiktok star Riaz Ali. Justin asked Ali about the COVID-19 crisis in India. The Canadian pop sensation also spoke about the current situation in the United States. The live news of Justin Bieber on Saturday is going viral on the internet.

Justin Bieber Internet live chat is going viral on social media. In this video, Justin is seen asking Riaz – ‘How are you doing there?’ To which Riaz replies, ‘Kovid is still going on, in a very crazy way’. Justin, a 26-year-old musician, further asks if the people there are taking the necessary precautions. Justin asks- ‘Is everyone wearing a mask there?’ … Ali would reply, ‘Yes, the people here are wearing masks.’ … Justin said after hearing this- curse … Watch Justin’s Instagram live video here-

At the same time, this conversation between Justin and Riaz has come under intense discussion on social media. With that this video is going viral on the internet. Justin has further expressed his concern to Corona in India to his Indian fans.


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