Jaya, who spoke to NCB – last spoke to Sushant on June 5, asked for Rs 12 crore for Kumar Mangat’s film, but it didn’t work out.

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  • In 3 years, Jaya gave Sushant 6 pictures and 21 brand endorsements.
  • Jaya worked with Disha for one year between 2018 and 2019.

Susanta Singh Rajput’s talent manager Jaya Saha was questioned by the NCB for the second day in a row. During these two days, Jaya Kwan spoke about her work in the agency. He also informed CBI and ED. One of Jaya Kowan’s 10 partners. He shares 2 percent. Significantly, Jaya started working with Sushant in 2016.

Jaya gave Sushant so much work

When Jaya was Sushant’s director, she gave Sushant 6 pictures. Among them were Drive, Sonchiria, Kedarnath, Chichor. Sushant got Rs 2.25 crore for the drive. 50 crore for Sonchiria and for Kedarnath. Crores of rupees were accepted. At the same time, Rs 5 crore was also received for Chichor and Rs 3.5 crore for Dil Bechara. In addition to these films, Jaya gave Sushant 21 brand followers and events from 201 to 2019 given

Sushant wanted Rs 12 crore, but it didn’t work

In her statement, Jaya told India Today that she last spoke to Sushant last June. Which was with the picture of Kumar Mangat. Sushant also liked the script but was not ready to sign for Rs 600 crore. They wanted Rs 12 crore. Jaya further said that she was not well when she met Sushant in March 2020.

Jaira spoke of frustration

Jaya further said in her statement that whenever she met Sushant, he would often start walking and would come back inside the bedroom later. Sushant used to repeat it many times. Jaya further said that Sushant Singh Rajput had told her about his frustration in December.

Jaya has worked with Disha

Apart from these, Jaya also said that she worked with Disha Salian from March to May 2020. This work was done through Bunty Sajdeh’s Corner Stone Talent Management Institute. Jaya worked for Cowan with Disha for one year between 2018 and 2019. Jaya further mentioned that Disha did not meet Sushant while working in the corner. Jaya further said that she saw all the projects of Sushant.


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