Jasleen Matharu comes out dressed in red, people say – hey, wear lehenga

Jasleen Matharu (Photo credit – @JasliMatharu / Instagram)

Jaslyn Matharu shared a video of herself wearing only a bodice and scarf and trolls on social media instructed her to wear a lehenga.

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  • Latest version:November 18, 2020, 7:48 am IST

Mumbai The most popular and controversial reality show on TV sits Big, no matter what is shown, its fan following and stardom increase tremendously. Something similar happened to model and musician Jasleen Matharu. Her fan following has grown so much that any photo or video that Jasleen shares goes viral on social media. He has recently come under discussion for some similar reasons. Jasleen has shared an interesting video with her fans, for which she has also been the victim of trolls.

In fact, recently Jeslyn She shared a video on her Instagram account, in which she was seen wearing only a red bodice and scarf. With it, she has done a complete makeup with jewelry and makeup. She is wearing lehenga hot pants and is seen fatally in front of the camera. He was seen walking near the gate outside the house. Watch Jasleen’s video here

While sharing this video, he wrote – Main Chali Sasural … He also shared an emoji in the caption. Jeslyn is getting a great response in this video.

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Jasleen Matharu received such a comment (Photo credit – @JasliMatharu / Instagram)

At the same time, because of her attire in this video, she has also been the victim of trolls. People are seen instructing them to wear lehengas. Along with this they are also getting quite a negative response.


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