Jackie Shroff has given people a nice order on the occasion of Holi, the reason is also special

Many pictures of Jackie Shroff are coming these days. He is one of the purest actors in the heart, who does not hesitate to say anything. They say whatever comes to mind. Just one day before Holi, Jackie Shroff told people something that will touch your heart.

Gave people nice advice

Jolie Shroff tweeted Holika Dahan Diwas from her Twitter account to teach people who have burned hundreds of trees over Holika Dahan, but do not bother to plant a single tree. Jackie Shroff tweeted, “Holly burned but a tree was planted.” Jackie Shroff says exactly that, because a lot of wood is burned these days, but not a single tree is planted.

Raw Magyaf

I tell you, Jackie Shroff will be seen in John Abraham’s upcoming film Raw. He will be seen in an important role in this film. He will also be seen in an important role in Salman Khan’s upcoming film ‘Bharat’.


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