Is Bollywood still looking for ‘Angry Man’ …?

Even after the fate of his film Aga Aga (2007-2007), Ram Gopal Varma was not so disappointed with Bollywood that the reason he was seen was to spread slander in Bollywood, which has now become a black mark. Attacks are happening in Bollywood and there are things to be surprised to see Ram Gopal Verma answering, on the other hand there are people in the fraternity who are not taking them seriously.

Ramu go into silent mode
In the hope that a ‘storm’ will come, Ramu seems to be trying to awaken mistakes through his tweets. Also tags those who do not attach their strings. Although a statement of one and a half pages came from the film fraternity after some effort, the feeling of solidarity was missing. The lack of confidence, arrogance and respect in this letter enriched by this request was probably a huge resistance for Ramu, who received his response ‘too late and too cold’.
Nowhere are they looking for an ‘angry man’ of this age, whose attitude should be like that of a ‘government’. He is dissatisfied with the indifference of Bollywood, it will not happen that he should not go into ‘silent’ mode in the coming days.

The long war

In the last few months, there have been many complaints in the film industry, about which the silence of Bollywood is endless. Some sorry letters, video messages, court notices and direct back hashtags of Bollywood. Is this a call for a long war? Or a new way to respond to a complaint against you.

It seems that Bollywood is not in the mood to fight hard for itself. Sitting in the rooms just issuing a press release is less ‘joint action’, more PR practice. It may be okay to do something as a first step, but all the emphasis should be on social media and knocking on the court door. Looking back a bit, you will remember many exclusive interviews of famous stars. So what is to be understood now that those interviews, which were termed as very special, were given only to brighten their image, to promote or to spread the sensation? Or we should wait for the next TEDX meeting, where a film celebrity will be invited to give a talk on leadership, struggle and truth, which will explain how the minds of haters are kept in mind. In fact, the warriors came forward to save ‘Asmita’ shoulder to shoulder and from a secluded mind, they needed more than to knock down any experienced bourgeoisie in their own neighborhood during this difficult time.

Then they are and now the statement is brave
However, there are many voices on this issue who have not returned to the right path of answering. But did any of them think that doing so could endanger their careers? What is somewhat surprising in this situation is that this congregation, united as ‘Strike Back’, belongs to the same fraternity without waiting for ‘Angryman’ to fight for ‘existence’ 34 years ago. He then sat on the front in front of the Maharashtra government.

This is 1986. It was October, when the entire film industry took to the streets over the issue of special taxes. Old clippings of the news say that the then producer-director Yash Chopra said – ‘We have never done such a movement before. But now the fight has started. This call for solidarity was made under the auspices of the Action Committee, which has since been formed. Manmohan Desai, president of the All India Film Producers’ Council, said, “Now let’s fight and die.” And. Veteran filmmakers like Chopra and Hui Shantaram were also involved in this front and Mr. Sunil Dutt (in the absence of Bachchan Zia), who became a Member of Parliament for the first time, was busy campaigning for his representatives to the government representatives.

At that time, instead of relying on news releases, the media was talking with full confidence. It is said that Mr. Dutt also sent a telegram to the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi about the situation. There was also a fundraising campaign for the film industry workers to see the impact of the movement on them. Raj Saheb, Dilip Kumar, Dharmendra, Binod Khanna, Firoz Khan, Amjad Khan, Mehmood, Hema Malini, Smita Patil, Jinat Aman, Madhuri Dixit all came forward in the streets. Among those who joined the front was Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna, Mithun Chakraborty, Jitendra, Shashi Kapoor, Shabana Azmi, Dada Kondke, Raj Babbar and a long list of film stars. That came, spoke from the stage. A small glimpse of it can be seen on YouTube. But the sectarianism of the industry and the mutual exchange of people were also revealed. Because despite the movement, nothing special came from the industry. But the significance was not enough that it would become poison for a loved one.

Please consider something, sir
Needless to say, the solidarity of industry and the strength of the nation also became the basis. But even in the current crisis, Kheladi Kumar’s video message does not seem to be more than ‘Yashna Swar’. He is talking about self-consciousness, negativity in the environment. He wants to say a lot, but he doesn’t know what to say or who to say it to. It is possible that some other artists are in a similar puzzle. If seen, what he meant, he said it for his own convenience. But if he had said this in the eyes of the people, it would have been different. As he said during the cross-examination – ‘Do something, Mathur sir.’

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Indeed, it takes solidarity, courage and determination to get rid of the sting of a variety of complaints, which is hard to achieve on the keyboard.

Will write a new story together in the new era
In the early nineties, when different parts of the country were clouded with hatred and unrest, the filmmakers released a very brilliant video promoting love, peace, brotherhood and national goodwill. Peer Ki Ganga Behehe, Ite Kyabandh in the country… the song featured not only Bollywood, but also artists from the South Indian film world. The video is produced by stars like Rajinikanth, Ishi Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Nasiruddin Shah, Chiranjeevi, Aamir Khan, Shovon Subhash Ghai, composer Laxmikant Pyrelal and composer Javed Akhtar. In the summer of this year, this video came up for discussion again and it started trending in philosophy.

In 2002, a similar video was released with the message of eradicating hatred, in which Mr. Bachchan was accompanied by cricketers, musicians and artists. The video was produced by Rohena Gera (then Rohan Sippy’s wife) in collaboration with the Indian Broadcasting Foundation. So in 2009, Shah Rukh and Aamir came together on a single platform, putting aside their differences in a dispute between distributors and manufacturers. Video messages and outside the court office, shouldn’t such efforts be repeated?

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