Irfan Khan seen at Mumbai airport, secret face seen by media

Irrfan Khan has been battling cancer for a long time. However, he has recently returned to India. He was treated in London for a long time. Following the release of this news, fans are praying for their illness to be cured soon. But now a picture of Irfan has come out.

Irfan was spotted at the Mumbai airport

Irrfan Khan is in India nowadays. A living proof of this has come up. He was caught on paparazzi camera at the Mumbai airport. It is learned that Irrfan Khan was recently spotted at the Mumbai International Airport. Irfan turned away from her as soon as the media personnel present there recognized her and started taking pictures. For this reason, only pictures of Irfan’s back can be captured on camera. Irfan arrived at the airport wearing military pants, a white pink shirt and a hat. He tied a cloth to hide his face.

Irfan Khan

Hindi medium 2 ‘ Can start shooting!

Let me tell you, there has been news for some time that Irrfan Khan may start shooting for ‘Hindi Medium 2’ soon. This film is a sequel to Hindi Medium Photo 2017.

Irfan Khan


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