Inside Story: Madam CM; Watch the trial 20 times, when the hair was cut, Richa Chada used to wear Radha Chada for ‘Tare Naam’

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12 days ago

The trailer of Richa Chad’s movie ‘Madam Chief Minister’ has been released recently. Since then, Richard’s look has been quite popular. A different kind of look was designed for him in the film. Director Shubhash Kapoor tried about 20 different looks on Richa before finalizing this mushroom cut look. They wanted to get Richar’s hair cut, but a week after the end of the photo, Richa-Ali’s wedding date has been confirmed.

The director advised Wig
Richa then realized that if she cut her hair she would be seen cutting mushrooms during the wedding. Or, her hair style will look like Salman Khan’s picture in Radhe. After giving director Richa the idea to wear a wig, he didn’t want to look like his wedding. Thus, his appearance was final.

However, the marriage was postponed and the film was released
However, the story dates back to the time Richa-Ali got married in April 2020. Since March 2000, the coronavirus has led to nationwide lockdowns. In such a situation, he did not get married or Madam’s Chief Minister was not released. The year has passed since the lockdown ended and life is back on track. Richar’s picture will also be released on January 22nd.

Such is the story of the film
The film tells the story of a girl who belongs to a Dalit society and becomes chief minister after a dispute. Madame CM is a girl who does not lean in front of anyone or believe in oppressing others. But based on his work, he has reached the highest peak of power. Apart from Richa Chada, Manab Kaul and Sourav Shukla have also acted in the film.


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