Indian Idol: Neha Kakkar extends a helping hand by taking Rs 5,000 to realize her dream

Competitors Shahzad Ali and Neha Kakkar.

Indian Idol: Shehzad Ali has moved everyone by saying that his grandmother borrowed Rs 5,000 from the bank and sent him to Mumbai to fulfill his dream. Hearing this, Neha Kakkar became emotional.

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  • Latest version:November 26, 2020, 11:13 AMST

Mumbai The 12th edition of the upcoming Indian reality show Indian Idol (Indian Idol 12) is about to start soon. Neha Kakkar, after their honeymoon, is now listening to Vishal Dadlani and Himesh Reshammiya (Himesh Reshammiya). The audition for the show has started. After hearing the sensitive story of Shehzad Ali, a contestant from Jaipur who auditioned for the show, Neha Kakkar became so emotional that she decided to extend her hand to help him.

The show’s promotions are being published on Sony TV’s official Instagram account. One of the campaigns featured the story of contestant Shahzad Ali. The video features Neha Kakkar and Vishal Dadlani, who have come forward to help Shahzad.

The video for this episode was shared by Sony Channel. In the video, Jaipur contestant Shahzad Ali talks about his life. They say they work in a clothing store. Mother died in infancy. Shahzad’s grandmother took five thousand rupees to reach the audition of Indian Idol.

Shahzad made everyone emotional that his grandmother borrowed Rs 5,000 from the bank and sent him to Mumbai to fulfill his dream. Neha became emotional on hearing this and offered a help of one lakh rupees to the budding singer. At the same time, Vishal promised to provide Shahzad with a good master for training.

The promo on the channel’s account read, ‘Shahzad Ali of Jaipur touched the hearts of the judges so much that Neha Kakkar could not stop him from giving her a brilliant gift. Get ready to make your season unequal with Indian Idol 2020. The show will air from November 28 and will air Saturday-Sunday from 8 p.m.


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