India: Disha Patani made a big statement about Salman Khan, read here

Everyone wants to work with Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan’s Salman Khan. Everyone wants to come in the eyes of the nephew. Something similar happened in the case of Disha Patani where she is working with Salman Khan in the film ‘Bharat’. Director Salman has a very important character in ‘Bharat’. In such a situation, Disha has now shared her experience of working with Salman Khan.


In his exclusive interview with Mumbai Mirror recently, Disha said that Salman is a star associated with Sir Mati. No one has a glimpse of them that’s why everyone wants to be connected to them. Whenever Salman Sir came on the set, everyone knew that a star came on the set. Disha describes Salman as a star attached to the ground.

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With this, Disha said that Salman Khan has not been contacted yet for his ‘Kick 2’. I tell you, apart from Salman Khan and Disha Patani, Katrina Kaif, Nora Fatehi and Jackie Shroff will also star in this film. This movie is going to be released on Eid De this year.


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