In this style, Sana Khan once looked at her husband, got the latest video

Sana Khan shared a recent video of her. (Photo- @ Sankhan 21 / Instagram)

Actress Sana Khan told the world of Bollywood and played the role of Alvida but Sana has been in the headlines consistently since her marriage. A recent video of Sana Khan with her husband has been released.

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  • Latest version:November 29, 2020, 6:06 pm IST

Mumbai Actress Sana Khan has called Bollywood and the acting world goodbye to music videos from Bigg Boss and Salman Khan’s films. With this farewell, the news of Sana Khan’s marriage also came to the fore. Sana Khan has recently married Mufti Anas. Sana has shared a recent video of herself (Sana Khan video) so that she can be seen closing her husband’s eyes.

While sharing this video, Sana wrote, ‘Ayatollah Kursi … it saves you from evil eyes, don’t forget to say this before leaving the house and after every prayer. Whenever you come out of your house for work, you must recite this Surah .. ‘

Through this video, Sana Khan has shared some more recent photos of her wedding, so that she looks very beautiful. In these pictures Sana is seen in green and gold shawl, with which she is wearing heavy jewelry. Sana looks quite beautiful and happy in the pictures after her wedding.

Let us know that Sana got married on November 20 and since then she has been sharing many photos and videos of this wedding ceremony. Sana has shared her picture from her mehendi ceremony to the yellow ritual.

Sana announced via a social media post in October that Sana is bidding farewell to acting and that she will work for humanity from now on.


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